Craig Cibak


After spending 18 years in private law practice representing corporations and national trade associations, I have embarked on a new endeavor – estate planning. I first started considering starting an estate planning firm when I helped my own mother with her own estate plan in the 1990s. What struck me then, and has stayed with me ever since, is the relief that she felt knowing that her family would be taken care of after she was gone. After the estate planning attorney had helped guide us through the planning process, I was keenly aware of the very real good he had done for my mother. Since that time, I have thought about opening a practice to bring that same sense of relief and satisfaction to others.

I opened this practice to help guide my friends and fellow neighbors in Northern Virginia through a confusing, but very necessary, process. People work their whole lives to build wealth, to provide for their spouse and their children. They’ve saved and invested, bought a home, and coupled hard work with good fortune to amass a nice nest egg for themselves and their family. Proper estate planning is vital to ensuring that the lifetime of effort put in to build that wealth is not lost after we pass on. The same care in building assets in life must be put into safeguarding those assets after death. I have seen first-hand how making a strong, viable estate plan can put one’s mind at ease, and I want to help people do just that.


The George Washington University Law School – Juris Doctor

Graduated with honors – 1996

Member, The George Washington Law Review

Winner, West Award for Outstanding Achievement in Torts




Joanna has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Shepherd College and has worked in various accounting roles at a number of local companies and accounting firms. She also has worked at a major law firm assisting with litigation and serving as an expert witness in financial lawsuits. In addition to her other duties, Joanna has her own part-time business, Now It Makes Cents, LLC, which helps small businesses with their accounting needs. Joanna is adept at crunching the numbers and helping small businesses to make their enterprises more efficient and profitable. Her attention to detail and warm personality make her an ideal office administrator, notary, and partner to Craig.